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Wild rose faux flower centerpiece

Transform your event into a breathtaking spectacle with our wild rose faux flower Centerpieces, exquisitely designed to captivate and enchant. Each piece, a labor of love, is meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality silk flowers, creating an illusion so lifelike, they rival nature’s own creations. Imagine your wedding table centerpieces made of delicate roses, lush hydrangeas, charming bell flowers, and elegant ivy, each petal and leaf carefully placed to conjure a scene of natural beauty and grace.

These faux flower centerpieces are not just visually stunning; they are a smart, economical choice for any bride. Opting for our faux floral arrangements means significantly reducing your event’s floral expenses. This wise decision allows you to allocate more of your budget to other aspects of your event, ensuring every detail is as perfect as you envisioned. It’s an especially savvy choice for weddings, where fresh flowers can consume a considerable portion of your budget, especially when adorning multiple tables.

Our centerpieces offer versatility and convenience. They can gracefully line your aisle on our elegant ghost plinths or gold pedestals, creating an aisle of dreams for your special day. Post-ceremony, these same beautiful arrangements can be seamlessly transitioned to grace your tables, embodying the essence of sophistication and charm. This not only adds continuity to your decor but also maximizes your investment, ensuring every piece plays a dual role in your celebration.

While our faux flower centerpieces create a striking look alone, you can choose to dress the table further for a more detailed look. On our accessories page you will find endless option such as cylinder vases, bud vases filled with fresh florals, candle holders and cylinder vases. With options like gold metal stands or chic glass trumpet vases, these centerpieces can be tailored to complement any theme or style, adding a touch of luxury and refinement. Additionally, we offer matching arches and foliage walls to complete your decor, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

In choosing our wild rose faux flower Centerpieces, you’re not just selecting decorations; you’re choosing a sustainable, cost-effective, and stunningly beautiful solution to bring your dream event to life.

Wild rose faux flower centerpiece

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Embrace the myriad benefits of our Foliage and Wild Rose Centerpieces:

  • Unparalleled Quality: Expertly handmade from superior silk for a stunning, natural look.
  • Budget-Friendly: The ability to reuse these in multiple areas of your wedding maximizes your decor budget, allowing more room for additional embellishments.
  • Versatile Display Options: Choose between glass trumpet vases and gold pedestals for a customised look.
  • Seamless Transition: Effortlessly move from ceremony to reception for a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Enduring Elegance: Maintain their pristine condition throughout your event and beyond.
  • Complete Decor Solution: Perfectly pairs with our matching arch and foliage wall for a full decor ensemble.

Ideal For

Our Foliage and Wild Rose Centerpieces are perfect for a range of occasions:

  • Wedding Ceremonies: Add a romantic touch to your aisle and altar.
  • Wedding Receptions: Create a luxurious atmosphere at your dining tables.
  • Engagement Parties: Set a whimsical and elegant mood for your celebration.
  • Bridal Showers: Infuse a touch of femininity and sophistication.
  • Vow Renewals: Celebrate your love with a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Luxury Events: Impress guests with high-end, stylish decor.
  • Home Decor: Enhance your living space with a hint of luxury and nature.


Specification Detail
Material High-Quality Silk
Flowers Included Roses, Hydrangeas, Bell Flowers, Ivy
Display Options Ghost Plinths, Gold Pedestals
Stand Choices Gold Metal, Glass Vase
Durability Long-Lasting, Fade-Resistant
Eco-Friendly Sustainable, Reduces Floral Waste
Matching Decor Available Arch, Foliage Wall


  • Can the centerpieces be customised to match specific wedding themes?


    Absolutely! With options of gold metal stands or glass trumpet vases, and our range of display choices, we tailor the look to suit your unique wedding theme.

  • How can I best utilise these centerpieces throughout my wedding day?

    These centerpieces are designed for versatility. Use them to line your aisle on our ghost plinths and gold pedestals during the ceremony, then transfer them to your tables as centerpieces for the reception.

  • Are these centerpieces environmentally friendly?


    Yes, they are a sustainable choice. Our silk flowers reduce floral waste and are a long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers.

  • Can these centerpieces be used for events other than weddings?

    Definitely! While they are perfect for weddings, they’re also ideal for engagement parties, bridal showers, birthdays, luxury events, and even as upscale home decor.

  • Do you offer matching decor to complement these centerpieces?

    Yes, we offer a matching arch and foliage wall to complete your wedding or event decor, ensuring a harmonious and stunning overall look.


Rebecca RebeccaW

“I was super impressed with the community spirit shown by Forever & A Day during lockdown. They brightened people’s day with rainbow displays and turned their hand to new ways to offer their business.

I ordered personalised balloons to lift the spirts of a good friends and they didn’t disappoint.

I also ordered a flower basket for a bereaved friend that we’re far more beautiful than the pictures I ordered from.

Thank you for your communication and quality of products. 5 ⭐️ service!!”