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Chair Covers & Sashes

This may not be the most exciting part of styling your wedding, but it is very necessary in some circumstances!  We provide a wide range of chair cover hire with bows or chair drape hire for any colour scheme you can imagine.

The honest truth is, we really aren’t fans of white chair covers. There is so many other stunning options to choose from that turn something as basic as your wedding chairs into a beautifully styled affair. That being said, if all your venue has to offer is old brightly coloured chairs that would definitely be an eyesore. In this case you have two options: hire chiavari chairs or cover them with chair covers. Luckily we can help you with both!

Our absolute favourite way to style chairs is with verticle drop chair drapes or princess weaves. We can tie your chair drapes with raffia or ribbon and add roses. eucalyptus, baby’s breath or any flower you can imagine.