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Feather Wall hire

Introducing the most incredible backdrop – the Feather Wall. This beauty is MADE for weddings and any other event where you desire a touch of unparalleled elegance and luxury. Handmade with thousands of real ostrich feathers, this feather wall is a statement piece that promises to transform any space.

Crafted meticulously with a keen eye for detail, each feather is carefully selected and arranged to create a seamless, lush texture that exudes sophistication and charm. The use of real ostrich feathers adds a level of luxury that is rarely seen in event backdrops, making it a unique choice for those who want to make a memorable impression on their guests.

Measuring an impressive 8x8ft, our Feather Wall Hire offers ample coverage and creates a stunning focal point in any room. Whether it’s set up behind the top table at a wedding, as a luxurious background for your wedding ceremony, or as a chic feature at baby showers, engagement parties, and birthdays, this backdrop is versatile enough to suit a variety of events. And, for venues that have less-than-perfect spots, this Feather Wall is a beautiful solution to cover any eyesores, seamlessly blending elegance with practicality.

Understanding the varied needs of different venues and events, the Feather Wall is designed with a telescopic pole, allowing for easy adjustment of its size. This adaptability ensures that the backdrop fits perfectly in your space, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration.

While the Feather Wall Hire itself is a showstopper, its charm can be further enhanced. Please note that the dried flower display is not included, but it’s available upon request, along with many other floral designs. Imagine the wall adorned with cascading baby’s breath or vibrant floral arrangements – the possibilities for customisation are endless, allowing you to create a backdrop that is truly reflective of your personal style and event theme.

For an added touch of personalisation, pair the Feather Wall with one of our stunning neon signs. You can choose from our existing collection or ask us to create a bespoke sign for your event – a keepsake that you get to cherish long after the celebration is over.

In summary, our Feather Wall is more than just a backdrop; it’s a luxurious, adaptable, and customisable feature that promises to elevate your event to a realm of sophistication and beauty. Whether you’re celebrating love, life, or a special milestone, this feather wall will ensure that your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Feather Wall hire

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Discover the unmatched elegance of our Feather Wall, the most luxurious backdrop for your event:

  • Handcrafted with genuine ostrich feathers for an unparalleled luxurious touch.
  • Transforms any indoor space into an enchanting and sophisticated setting.
  • Telescopic pole design allows size adjustments for a custom fit in your venue.
  • Exclusive indoor usage ensures the backdrop remains in impeccable condition.
  • Optional dried flower, floral design, balloon design and signage customisation available upon request.
  • An 8x8ft dimension creates a grand and striking focal point.
  • Ideal for creating memorable photo opportunities and stunning event aesthetics.

Ideal For

The Feather Wall is the perfect addition for a range of exclusive events:

  • Luxurious weddings where elegance and sophistication are key.
  • High-end parties and galas seeking a touch of glamour.
  • Photo shoots requiring a backdrop that exudes luxury and charm.
  • Indoor ceremonies or receptions desiring a unique and opulent feature.
  • Corporate events aiming to impress with an exquisite aesthetic.
  • Bridal showers and engagement parties for a romantic ambiance.
  • Any event where making a lasting impression is paramount.


Feature Specification
Material Real Ostrich Feathers
Size 8×8 feet (adjustable)
Usage Indoor Only
Customization Dried flower and floral designs (upon request)
Setup Telescopic Pole for Adjustable Sizing
Theme Luxury, Elegance, Sophistication


  • Can the Feather Wall be used outdoors?

    Due to its delicate nature, the Feather Wall is exclusively for indoor use to maintain its pristine condition.

  • Is it possible to customise the size of the Feather Wall?

    Absolutely! The Feather Wall is designed with a telescopic pole, allowing it to be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your event space.

  • Can I request additional decorations like flowers to complement the Feather Wall?

    Yes, we offer a range of customisation options including dried flowers, floral designs, balloons, neon signs and signage available upon request to enhance the backdrop’s beauty.

  • What are the dimensions of the Feather Wall?

    The standard size of the Feather Wall is 8×8 feet, but it can be adjusted to fit different spaces thanks to its versatile design.



“I have used Forever and a Day Events several times now and both times they have been absolutely amazing! They provide such a high quality service with amazing products and make everything so easy. You will definitely not regret using them. Thank you again so much!”