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Crazy in love neon sign

Our crazy in love neon signs are a fabulous and contemporary addition to any wedding, infusing the venue with a vibrant, personalised touch. These glowing delights are statement pieces that reflect the unique personality of each couple. Imagine your names (we can also create bespoke neon signs) or a meaningful quote glowing in neon, creating an intimate yet electrifying atmosphere. The crazy in love neon sign is incredibly versatile, effortlessly blending with various wedding or engagement themes, from ultra-modern to romantically rustic.

Pairing these neon signs with flowers adds a delicate, organic touch to their modern flair. The contrast between the softness of the petals and the boldness of the neon creates a visually stunning backdrop, perfect for those unforgettable photo opportunities. And let’s not forget the magic they bring when combined with balloons – a playful element that adds a dash of enchantment to your celebration.

Hanging a neon sign off one of our elegantly designed wedding arches or wedding backdrops elevates it to a centerpiece, drawing everyone’s attention and admiration. It’s a statement of love and style. Whether it’s during the heartfelt exchange of vows or the lively reception, these neon signs illuminate your special moments, making them even more memorable. They’re not just for the day; they become a cherished memento of your love story, a glowing emblem of your ‘I do’ moment. So, let’s light up your love with a touch of neon and turn your wedding into an Instagram-worthy celebration! #WeddingGoals indeed!

Crazy in love neon sign

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Embrace the glow of love with our ‘Crazy in Love’ Neon Sign, an ideal addition to your wedding decor:

  • Breathtaking centerpiece that enhances your wedding theme.
  • Creates an enchanting backdrop for memorable photographs.
  • Offers a warm, ambient lighting, setting a romantic mood.
  • Easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting, eco-friendly and safe.
  • Durable and reliable, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal For

The ‘Crazy in Love’ Neon Sign is a versatile decor element, perfect for:

  • Wedding receptions and ceremonies.
  • Engagement parties and photo shoots.
  • Romantic-themed events and celebrations.
  • Indoor and outdoor wedding venues.
  • Couples seeking a modern twist to their decor.
  • Creating a vibrant, fun atmosphere.


Dimensions Customisable to venue size
Colour  Bright and warm white
Power Source Electric, with energy-efficient LED bulbs
Material Durable Acrylic and LED
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use


  • Can the ‘Crazy in Love’ Neon Sign be used outdoors?

    Yes, it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect for any venue.

  • Does the neon sign come with a stand or backdrop/

    Our neon signs come on their own, so you can choose your perfect backdrop or stand.

  • Is the sign safe to use?

    Yes, it uses energy-efficient LED, which are both eco-friendly and safe. we can provide risk assessment and pat testing documents on request if your venue requires them.


Shuaib Nasir

“The team done a fantastic job for my brothers engagement over the weekend . The most important thing is that they work with you to making your occasion special . I would deffo recommend them to everyone and they are my go to people now .”