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Boho wedding table plan

If you’re looking for your perfect wedding table plan that’s both stylish and sustainable, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our cotton or linen fabric table plans, displayed on our metal table plan frame, are the perfect addition to any eco-conscious wedding.

We offer a range of customisation options to ensure that your table plan is as unique and personalised as your wedding. You can choose any format and font to match your wedding style and theme, and we’ll take care of the whole process from design to print to set up and dismantle at the event.

And when it comes to the table plan frame, we offer a variety of customization options as well. You can choose any colour for the frame to match your wedding colours, ensuring that every detail of your decor flows beautifully and is perfectly coordinated.

When you choose our sustainable wedding table plan, you’re not only getting a beautiful and functional decoration for your wedding, but you’re also making an eco-friendly choice that will help reduce waste and protect the environment. Our cotton and linen fabrics are natural and biodegradable, ensuring that your wedding decor won’t have a negative impact on the planet. Its also yours to keep after your wedding day, easily folded away and kept for beautiful memories of your wedding day.

To complete the look, we recommend pairing our sustainable table plan with a beautiful dried or fresh flower arrangement. This natural and organic centerpiece will complement the eco-friendly vibe of your wedding, while adding a touch of beauty and romance to your reception.

At our company, we’re committed to providing high-quality event hire that is both stylish and sustainable. Our cotton or linen fabric wedding table plans, metal table plan frames, and dried flower arrangements are just a few examples of the many products we offer, and we’re confident that they’ll exceed your expectations in every way.

Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable table plans and other eco-friendly event rentals, or to start planning your unforgettable wedding. With our help, you can create a celebration that’s both beautiful and unforgettable.

Boho wedding table plan

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Experience the unique blend of elegance and eco-friendliness with our sustainable wedding table plans. Designed to add a touch of sophistication to your special day, these table plans offer numerous benefits:

  • Personalised Design: Choose from various formats and fonts to perfectly match your wedding theme.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Crafted from natural, biodegradable materials like cotton and linen.
  • Versatile Frame Customisation: Select a frame colour that complements your wedding palette.
  • Memorable Keepsake: Keep your table plan as a beautiful reminder of your special day.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.
  • Seamless Service: From design to print, set up to dismantle, we handle it all.
  • Perfect Pairing with Floral Arrangements: Enhance your decor with fresh or dried flowers.

Ideal For

Our sustainable wedding table plans are not just decorations, but a statement of style and responsibility, making them ideal for:

  • Eco-conscious Weddings: Emphasise your commitment to the environment.
  • Custom-Themed Celebrations: Tailor the table plan to your unique wedding theme.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Venues: Versatile design that suits any setting.
  • Memory Preservation: A lasting memento of your joyous occasion.
  • Style-Forward Couples: Who appreciate the blend of fashion and function.
  • Green Lifestyle Advocates: Align your special day with your values.
  • Chic and Unique Ceremonies: Stand out with a personalized touch.


Feature Details
Material Cotton or Linen Fabric
Frame Customization Color selection available
Personalization Various formats and fonts
Sustainability Eco-friendly, biodegradable materials
Service Design, print, setup, dismantle
Keepsake Retainable post-event
Recommended Pairing Fresh/Dried Flower Arrangements


  • How customisable are the table plans?

    Extremely! You can select the format, font, and frame colour to ensure your table plan perfectly aligns with your wedding theme.

  • Are the materials really eco-friendly?

    Absolutely. We use natural, biodegradable cotton and linen, ensuring your wedding decor is environmentally responsible. It is then left for you to keep as a treasured memory of your wedding day.

  • Can I keep the table plan after the wedding?

    Yes, it’s designed to be a beautiful, foldable keepsake of your special day.

  • Is the setup and dismantling service included?

    Yes, our team will take care of everything from design to dismantling.

  • What makes these table plans a sustainable choice?

    Their use of biodegradable materials and our commitment to reducing environmental impact make them an eco-friendly option.


Ayman A

“I organised my engagement/nikkah party with Imogen. She is the most helpful person on this planet !!! My party was such a great success , everyone was stunned with the amazing decor, the balloons and desserts. I could not thank Imogen enough, she literally put so much effort into making my party so special and I will treasure this for the rest of my life !!! I spent months working with Imogen, she was so amazing and helpful at picking things that would match my outfit/the theme. She is a bubbly character that puts her heart and soul into the work she does and it really shows through her work. Thank you so much to Imogen and the team for making my day so special for me. I could not thank her enough!!! I would HIGHLY recommend her to do any job as I know she would pull it off amazingly!!!! ♥️”