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Balloon backdrop

Transform your special day into an unforgettable memory with our exquisite Balloon Backdrops! Perfect for adding a touch of glamour, colour or luxurious style. We have a vast range of backdrops that can be dressed with organic cloud like balloon displays. Our balloon backdrops can be made with any colour you can imagine and intricate stunning designs. Whether you’re planning a dream wedding, a milestone birthday, or a chic bridal shower, our balloon backdrop creates a magical setting. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s the centrepiece that will make your photos pop and your memories shine. So, let the celebrations begin and the camera flash, as our Balloon Backdrop turns your event into a spectacularly unforgettable experience!

Single or double stuffed balloons

There are so many options to chose from when it comes to balloons, but the most basic one you need to consider is whether you would like single balloons or custom colour/double stuffed balloons. Single balloons means simply that we inflate one balloon and repeat to make your display, this often results in a slightly transparent look with a duller colour. Single balloons will typically last 24-48hrs. Custom colour or double stuffed balloons means we stuff one balloon inside another before inflating. There are many reasons we do this: It creates a thick, glass like finish that it totally opaque. It enables us to create custom colours that cant usually be bought such as nude colour pallets and this enables us to match balloons very closely to your theme/logo/flowers ect. The balloons can also last for months indoors.

Balloon backdrop

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Prices from £350

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Our Balloon Backdrop brings numerous benefits to your celebration:

  • Instantly elevates the ambience of any event.
  • Customizable color schemes to match your theme.
  • Creates a stunning focal point for photographs.
  • Easy installation and removal, hassle-free.
  • Durable and high-quality materials for lasting impressions.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Environmentally-friendly options available.
  • Ideal for creating memorable and Instagram-worthy moments.

Ideal For

The Balloon Backdrop is perfect for a variety of events:

  • Weddings and Engagement Parties.
  • Birthday Celebrations and Milestone Events.
  • Bridal and Baby Showers.
  • Corporate Events and Brand Launches.
  • Themed Parties and Seasonal Celebrations.
  • Photo Shoots and Fashion Events.
  • Social Gatherings and High Tea Parties.


Specification Detail
Material High-Quality Latex and Foil Balloons
Size Customizable to Venue Dimensions
Color Options Wide Range, Customizable to Theme
Setup Time Varies Depending on Design Complexity
Environmental Impact Eco-friendly
Indoor/Outdoor Use Suitable for Both
Additional Features Can Include bows, fresh/dried or faux flowers


  • How long does the balloons on the backdrop last?

    Our balloon backdrops are designed for day-long events. With proper care, single balloons can last 1-2 days. Custom colour/double stuffed balloons can last weeks and even months. The longest our customers have reported is 3 months.

  • Can the balloons and the backdrop be customized to my event’s theme?

    Absolutely! We offer a range of colour and design options to perfectly align with your event theme, corporate logo or mood board.

  • Is the installation process complicated?

    Not at all. Our team handles the setup and removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

  • Are the materials used environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we provide eco-friendly options to align with our commitment to sustainability. All of our hire props are reused and repainted for each event. Our latex balloons are all biodegradable and degrade as fast as an oak tree leaf. We then recycle and dispose of the popped balloons for you.

  • Can the backdrop be used for outdoor events?

    Definitely! Our balloon backdrops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings in summer months, making them versatile for any event. We typically dont allow any of our props to be outdoors in winter or autumn however balloons can be outside in all weather. Props booked for outdoors events in spring and summer are fine, as long as the forecast is for dry weather throughout the hire period. The ground must also be dry upon set up.


Sonia Barum

“The forever Team were absolutely professional and they created the most beautiful set up for a 30th birthday. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Will definitely be using them for any future events.”