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Children at Weddings – How to Plan a Family-Friendly Affair

Envisaging your big day with the pitter-patter of little feet? Planning a wedding that accommodates children can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can also be incredibly rewarding. From ensuring the ceremony and reception are family-friendly to providing entertainment for the little ones, there are plenty of ways to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. In this blog post, we’ll explore some top tips for planning a wedding that caters to families, while still maintaining the elegance and charm of your special day. Whether it’s setting up a kids’ corner with games and crafts, or arranging for a children’s meal option, there are numerous ways to make your wedding a joyful occasion for guests of all ages. Stay tuned for expert advice and inspiration!

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider children’s needs: When planning a family-friendly wedding, it’s important to consider the needs and preferences of the children attending, such as providing kid-friendly food and entertainment options.
  • Designate a dedicated kids’ area: Setting up a separate area for kids with activities and games can help keep them entertained and make the event more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Communicate with parents: It’s essential to communicate with parents about the arrangements for their children at the wedding, including any childcare options, so they can feel assured and prepared for the day.

Invitations and Expectations

Crafting Kid-Friendly Invites

When sending out the invitations for your wedding, consider creating kid-friendly versions to make the young guests feel special and included. You could include fun stickers, colourful designs, or even a little activity on the invite to get them excited about attending the event. This little extra effort can positively impact the children’s experience and make them feel like an important part of the celebration.

Communicating with Parents

As you plan your wedding, it’s important to communicate with the parents of your young guests to ensure they are clear on what to expect. This could include details such as whether there will be designated kids’ areas, meal options for children, or any specific activities planned to keep them entertained. By addressing any potential concerns or questions in advance, you can help parents feel more relaxed and prepared for the big day.

Remember to include a section on the invitation or related communication where parents can indicate the number and age of the children attending. This will help you make the necessary arrangements and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Ceremony Considerations

When planning a wedding with children in attendance, it’s important to consider the specific needs and dynamics that come with having little ones present during the ceremony. From roles for the little ones to managing potential noise and distractions, there are several aspects to keep in mind.

Roles for the Little Ones

Engaging the children in the ceremony can be a delightful and heartwarming addition to the proceedings. Whether it’s as flower girls, page boys, or ring bearers, involving the little ones can create special memories for them and add a sweet touch to the event. It’s important to ensure that the roles assigned to them are achievable and age-appropriate, so they feel comfortable and confident on the day.

Noise and Distraction Management

With children present, it’s natural to expect a certain level of noise and potential distractions during the ceremony. It’s important to plan ahead and consider how to manage these aspects effectively. Providing quiet activities such as coloring books or small toys can help keep the children occupied and entertained, while also minimising disruptions during key moments. Additionally, having designated areas for parents to take restless children if needed can also help in managing any potential disruptions.

It’s important to create an inclusive environment for children at the wedding, ensuring that they feel welcome and valued throughout the ceremony and celebration. By thoughtfully considering their roles, as well as strategies for managing potential noise and distractions, the wedding can be a truly family-friendly affair.

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Reception and Entertainment

When planning your wedding reception, it’s important to consider the entertainment and activities for the little ones. 13 Fun Things for Kids to Do at Weddings is a great resource for ideas and inspiration. From activity packs to interactive games, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the celebration.

Kid-Friendly Food and Drinks

It’s essential to provide a range of kid-friendly food and drinks to ensure that younger guests are well catered for. Consider offering a separate menu filled with familiar favourites such as mini burgers, chicken nuggets, and fruit juices. Setting up a designated kids’ drinks station with colourful mocktails and smoothies can also add a fun touch to the festivities, keeping the little ones hydrated and happy.

Additionally, having a space dedicated to children’s activities can help keep them occupied and entertained. Whether it’s a designated play area with games and crafts or a supervised kids’ table for drawing and colouring, incorporating these elements into the wedding reception can alleviate any potential boredom and ensure a positive experience for both the children and their parents.

Activities and Spaces for Children

Ensuring there are activities and spaces specifically tailored to the younger attendees can make a significant difference in the overall enjoyment of the day. Setting up a kids’ corner with games, toys, and a comfortable seating area can provide a safe haven for them to relax and have fun. Providing a children’s entertainer or a face-painting station can also add an element of excitement and magic to the occasion.

It’s worth considering the safety and supervision of these spaces, ensuring that there are responsible adults on hand to oversee the activities and keep the children secure. Highlighting these key details will reassure parents and allow them to relax and enjoy the celebrations, knowing their little ones are in safe hands.

‘Safety and Comfort’

When planning a family-friendly wedding, it is important to prioritise the safety and comfort of the children in attendance. By implementing supervision strategies and kid-proofing the venue, you can ensure that the little ones enjoy the celebration in a safe and secure environment.

Supervision Strategies

Assign designated adults to supervise the children throughout the wedding day. Consider hiring professional childminders who can entertain and look after the kids during the ceremony and reception. Additionally, create a designated play area with activities and games to keep the children engaged and supervised while the adults are busy celebrating.

Kid-Proofing the Venue

Prior to the wedding day, conduct a thorough inspection of the venue to identify any potential hazards for the children. Ensure that all furniture is securely anchored, and that any electrical outlets and wires are properly covered or out of reach. Consider placing barriers around any water features to prevent accidents, and provide easy access to restrooms equipped with changing tables.

It is crucial to communicate the kid-proofing measures to the parents attending the wedding, so they can rest assured that their little ones are in a safe environment. By taking these precautions, you can create a family-friendly wedding where everyone can enjoy the celebration without worrying about the safety and comfort of the children.

Children at Weddings – How to Plan a Family-Friendly Affair

In conclusion, planning a family-friendly wedding is definitely achievable with the right considerations and preparations. By acknowledging the needs and preferences of the little ones, and incorporating activities and amenities to cater to them, you can ensure that both adults and children will have an enjoyable time. From providing kid-friendly meals to setting up a designated play area, there are plenty of ways to make sure that children feel included and valued at your special day. Ultimately, with a little extra thought and effort, you can create a wedding that is not only beautiful and romantic but also welcoming and fun for the whole family.


Q: Is it appropriate to have children at weddings?

A: It is completely up to the bride and groom to decide whether they want to include children at their wedding. Many couples enjoy having children present to share in the celebration, while others may prefer a more adult-focused event.

Q: How can I make my wedding family-friendly?

A: To make your wedding family-friendly, consider providing entertainment for children, such as a designated play area or hiring a professional childminder. You could also include kid-friendly menu options and activities to keep the little ones occupied.

Q: Should I invite all children or only certain ones?

A: The decision of which children to invite is entirely yours. You may choose to have a blanket invitation for all children, or you might only invite family members or close friends’ children. It’s important to be consistent in your approach to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings.

Q: How can I keep children entertained during the wedding?

A: Consider setting up a kids’ table with colouring books, games, and puzzles. You could also organise a children’s entertainer or hire a bouncy castle or other outdoor activities. It’s also a good idea to have a separate space for children to take a break if they become tired or overwhelmed.

Q: What should I consider when it comes to seating arrangements for families with children?

A: When planning seating arrangements, it’s a good idea to seat families with young children together, so parents can easily keep an eye on their little ones. You might also want to consider having a few high chairs available and a separate area for breastfeeding or nappy-changing facilities.