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Planning an LGBT+ Wedding – A Guide to Celebrating Love

Greetings, fellow lovebirds! Planning the perfect celebration of your love is an exciting journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. From choosing the perfect venue to finding the most fabulous outfits, there are so many details to consider when planning an LGBT+ wedding. In this informative blog post, we will explore important legal considerations, unique wedding traditions, and inclusive language and etiquette to ensure that your special day is a true reflection of your love and commitment. We believe that every love story deserves to be celebrated, and we are thrilled to share our expert tips and tricks for planning the wedding of your dreams. Let’s dive in and start planning the most fabulous celebration of love!

Key Takeaways:

  • Uniqueness: Embrace the uniqueness of your relationship and celebrate your love in a way that is true to your identities.
  • Support: Seek out vendors, venues, and professionals who are supportive and inclusive of the LGBT+ community.
  • Community: Involve your loved ones and create a supportive community that celebrates and honours your relationship.

Understanding LGBT+ Wedding Basics

When planning an LGBT+ wedding, it’s important to have a good understanding of the basics. From knowing your rights and legalities to making wedding traditions your own, there are essential factors to consider in order to create a celebration that truly reflects your love and identity.

Knowing Your Rights and Legalities

One of the first steps in planning an LGBT+ wedding is understanding your rights and legalities. While same-sex marriage is legal in many countries, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the specific laws and requirements in your area. From obtaining marriage licences to understanding non-discrimination legislation, it’s crucial to protect your rights as you plan your special day.

Wedding Traditions and Making Them Your Own

Many wedding traditions have deep-rooted histories, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be adapted to reflect your unique love story. Whether it’s redefining traditional roles, incorporating cultural customs, or creating new rituals, there are countless ways to make wedding traditions your own and celebrate your love in a way that feels authentic to you and your partner.

By incorporating personalised vows, LGBTQ+ symbols, and inclusive language, you can create a wedding ceremony and celebration that honours your love and identity.

The Perfect Venue and Vendors

Finding an Inclusive Space

When it comes to planning an LGBT+ wedding, finding a venue that is welcoming and inclusive is crucial. Look for venues that openly support and celebrate love in all its forms. Consider visiting potential venues in person to get a feel for their attitude towards LGBT+ weddings. Ensure that the venue staff are respectful and understanding of your needs as a same-sex couple. Choose a space where you can truly be yourselves and feel accepted without any judgement.

Choosing LGBT+ Friendly Vendors

When selecting vendors for your special day, it’s important to choose LGBT+ friendly professionals who are excited to be a part of your celebration. Whether it’s the florist, caterer, photographer, or any other vendor, make sure they have experience working with same-sex couples and are supportive of the LGBT+ community. Don’t hesitate to ask about their previous experiences and any special services they offer for LGBT+ weddings. Surrounding yourself with vendors who are genuinely happy to contribute to your big day can make all the difference in creating a positive and memorable experience.

It’s essential to feel comfortable and supported by the vendors you choose for your wedding. Having an LGBT+ friendly team around you can help alleviate any stress and concerns, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day.

Wedding Decoration Hire

Personalizing Your Ceremony

When it comes to planning an LGBT+ wedding, personalizing your ceremony is an essential part of celebrating your love in a way that feels authentic to you and your partner. From crafting your vows and rituals to choosing the perfect attire, rings, and wedding party tips, there are countless ways to make your ceremony unique and special.

Crafting Your Vows and Rituals

When personalizing your ceremony, crafting your vows and rituals allows you to express your love and commitment in a way that feels true to your relationship. Whether you choose to write your own vows, incorporate meaningful readings, or include special rituals such as handfasting or unity candle ceremonies, this is your opportunity to make your ceremony deeply personal and reflective of your love story.

Attire, Rings, and Wedding Party Tips

When it comes to attire, rings, and wedding party tips, there are plenty of opportunities to personalise your wedding. Consider choosing bespoke outfits that reflect your individual styles, or adding personalised touches such as custom embroidery or jewellery. Include your wedding party in the decision-making process to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident in their roles on the big day.

  • Choosing attire that reflects your unique style
  • Personalising your rings with meaningful engravings
  • Involving your wedding party in the decision-making process

Knowing your wedding party is comfortable and confident in their roles is key to a successful and enjoyable celebration.

When it comes to attire, rings, and wedding party tips, there are countless ways to personalise your wedding and make it a true reflection of your love and commitment. From bespoke outfits to personalised jewellery, involving your wedding party in the decision-making process ensures that everyone feels included and celebrated on your special day.

The Reception and Beyond

After your beautiful wedding ceremony, it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones. The reception is a chance to let your personalities shine and create a memorable experience for everyone. From the cake to the music, every detail should reflect your love and commitment to each other. For more tips on planning a unique and inclusive celebration, check out The Ultimate Guide to LGBTQIA+ Destination Weddings.

Planning a Memorable Celebration

When planning your wedding reception, consider incorporating meaningful traditions or creating new ones that are inclusive of your love story. Personalised touches such as customised favours or a signature cocktail can help make your celebration truly special and memorable.

For a truly unique celebration, consider incorporating entertainment that reflects your personalities and interests. From live music to interactive activities, there are countless ways to create a reception that everyone will remember for years to come.

Ideas for Honeymoons and Future Planning

After the whirlwind of wedding planning and celebrations, it’s time to relax and enjoy some quality time together as a married couple. Consider planning a honeymoon that reflects your shared interests and allows you to create new memories together. Whether you prefer a romantic beach getaway or an adventurous expedition, the possibilities are endless.

Looking ahead to the future, consider discussing important topics such as financial planning, family planning, and travel goals. It’s important to align your visions and expectations for the years ahead to ensure a strong foundation for your marriage.

When it comes to planning your honeymoon and discussing future goals, open and honest communication is key. Take the time to listen to each other’s desires and aspirations, and make plans that will set the stage for a fulfilling and exciting future together.

Wedding Decoration Hire

Planning an LGBT+ Wedding – A Guide to Celebrating Love

In conclusion, planning an LGBT+ wedding is a beautiful and joyful experience that should be filled with love, acceptance, and celebration. This guide has provided important insights and tips for creating a memorable and inclusive wedding that reflects your unique love story. From choosing the perfect venue to incorporating personal touches, it’s essential to stay true to your authentic selves and celebrate your love in a way that feels meaningful to you. Remember to surround yourselves with a supportive and loving community, and lean on resources and allies who can help make your special day everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Embrace the journey of planning your LGBT+ wedding, and know that your love deserves to be celebrated in all its forms. Cheers to love, unity, and a lifetime of happiness together!


Q: What is the first step in planning an LGBT+ wedding?

A: The first step is to sit down with your partner and discuss your vision for the wedding, including the type of ceremony and reception you both want.

Q: Are there any legal considerations for an LGBT+ wedding?

A: Yes, it’s important to research the legal requirements for marriage in your country and ensure that you have all the necessary documentation in place.

Q: How can we find LGBT+ friendly wedding vendors?

A: Look for vendors who actively support the LGBT+ community, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from other couples who have had LGBT+ weddings.

Q: What are some unique ways to incorporate LGBT+ pride into our wedding?

A: You could include rainbow colours in your decor, have a pride flag ceremony, or choose readings and music that celebrate love and equality.

Q: How can we navigate potential family and guest issues at our LGBT+ wedding?

A: Open communication is key. Have honest conversations with family members and friends about your expectations for support and respect on your special day.